Monday, December 21, 2009

Looks like we made iiiiit...

Yes, I'm quoting Barry Manilow. Why? In honor of the Winter Solstice, of course.

I truly enjoy each of the seasons in their turn, but as I have previously whined mentioned, some of them wear a little harder on me than others. In this case, winter. Though the solstice is technically the official beginning of winter, I, in my ever-positive nature, prefer to see it as the slippery slope toward spring. We'll be gaining just a bit more daylight each day now, and paltry as those 45 seconds may seem, they eventually add up to bright spring days warm enough for me to spend the morning in my garden without numb fingers and a runny nose.

First I get a Barry Manilow song stuck in your head, then I wrap things up with an image of snot. You're welcome, America.