Wednesday, November 24, 2010


We've had our first "big" snow here in western Washington. The kids are loving it, the grown-ups are hating it, and my baby bantams are mystified.

Must.Not.Touch.WeirdWhiteStuff! says Charlotte

Poor half-blind Gracie couldn't distinguish the chunks of white bread that I was throwing her from the snow.

Mostly, the chickens stayed close to the coop.

We've been feeding all of our critters extra calories since the weather turned cold, with the most popular dish being what I have dubbed "Goatmeal". The goatmeal is enjoyed by chickies and goats alike, with the only difference being that I do not add molasses to the chickens' ration.

Chelle's Goatmeal
Cooked Brown Rice (or any cooked whole grain)
Fresh frozen corn kernels
Flax Seed meal
Hearty drizzle of molasses

Mix rice & corn together and microwave until warm but not hot. Sprinkle with flax meal and drizzle with molasses. Viola - warm and happy critters!

Thanks, Maaaaa!