Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Knitting Project: Decreasing Rib Capelet (part deux!)

It isn't hard to tell when I like a pattern, because I make one for everybody and their cousin, whether they like it or not. This ribbed capelet definitely falls into the category of "knit now, figure out who it's going to later" projects. ;)

The first of these capelets was made for my friend, Mrs. P, last winter, and was modeled by my Livy-doo.

My most recent capelet was for young Miss. HB, who was gracious enough to model it for me. :)

I sort of inadvertently made two capelets in my attempt to make Miss. HB's one. Effort #1 was waaaaay to small, but by the time I realized that not even the give of ribbing would make it work, I was already halfway done. So I went ahead and finished it, and gave it to another lil' buddy of mine. Now she & HB are a matched set. :)

I have this project up on Ravelry, if you'd like to read more of my rambling notes or follow the link to the original pattern, check it out here.

Next up is a modified version of this capelet, more of a cape, really, for Miss HB's little brother.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Another Odd Egg

We've seen a few of these lately. I'm not sure what causes it, but we call these "water balloons".

Looks like a relatively normal egg, right?


No shell at all, only membrane!

I'm going to have to research this phenomenon further, but I suspect that it is just a fluke that occurs now and then, especially with newer layers. Our girls get plenty of calcium in the form of crushed oyster shell and a very complete diet of organic, locally milled pellets, a loaf of bread per day, and all of the fresh grass, plants and bugs that they can eat, so we're not really worried that it's dietary, but can't rule it out altogether either.

To play it safe, we always compost these, though it might be fascinating to try and incubate one one of these times. Hmmm...