Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Sub-Compact Summer

Well, here I am again, griping.

This hissy fit is brought to you courtesy of our Western Washington weather. This year was a new kind of brutal. Never-ending winter, spring in July and true summer weather that didn't show up until about two weeks ago. The kids got out of school two weeks late for having to make up snow and storm days, which means that this year's summer vacation was only about 9 1/2 weeks long, instead of 12ish. So - late dismissal plus late weather equals 3 1/2 weeks of summer shoe-horned in immediately before school starts up again. Oh the humanity!

My canning, harvesting, foraging, salmon fishing, back to school shopping, school orientations, hat knit-a-thon, cheese making and ramped-up critter wranglings are all smashing up against one another and making me a little nuts. It's an insane amount to funnel into such a small time period, and the unfortunate side effect is my attitude going to pot and some things falling by the wayside. I wish that I could have taken a deep breath this summer and been able to enjoy it better, but I haven't yet.

God willing, this lovely weather that we're having will last for at least a few weeks after the girls go back to school, so that I can find some quiet, non-over scheduled time to drink up some summer before it's gone.