Thursday, June 7, 2012

Juneuary, you are a Heartless Beyotch

{I'm back, and bitching about the weather again, which is to say; I'm back. :) MJ }

I can see by the first line of my last post here, that once again, my run-away optimism overtook my common sense.

It's true, April had a few days or a week of lovely weather. So did May, (at least the part where I was in Washington and conscious did), which seems to have triggered a foolish, premature Summer's Here! happy dance in many of us otherwise cynical guarded optimists.

Well, it's June, and Summer is not here.

I just got back from Phoenix - PHOENIX! Even on a 106 degree day, this little Washington state lassie was loving the sun and heat. That's how deprived of non-rain weather I was. Then I, (long story short) go for a drive and wake up back in Washington where it is soggier than when I left. Now begins the Fall? Summer of my discontent.

On the one hand, it isn't too late to put in my garden, as I had wondered if my Mid-May and late June planned vacations would make it. On the other hand, I'd be out of my damn mind to try and plant anything out in the schizophrenic early-Springish weather that we're having here. My 'maters and beans need to go out, yet I dread putting them in the ground only to watch them be battered by pounding rain or devoured by our bumper crop of slugs. OY. My friend Lisa calls this tease of a month "Juneuary". Nail. On. The. Head. :(

To whom it may concern, RE: the weather-

Knock it the &%$# off already.

Your humble, cold, temporarily follicularly-challenged (and therefore; COLD), friend-