Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sir Fluffelbutt Saves the Day!

Rex is already earning his LGD stripes! Last night he alerted us about a disturbance in the farm force, and Bill and I went to investigate. Long story short - Bill saw a red fox in the road, and my chicken security double-check revealed a few lapses on the chicken-locker-upper's part.

Luckily, Rex's heads-up was enough to get us outside in time to beat Mr. Fox to the punch. Big atta-boys and belly scratches were given, and the head of security went calmly back to his post (the front porch) to continue his watch. :)

Defender of the Flocks, at rest.

I have to say, even though Rexy isn't a purebred Pyr, he has been a kick-ass farm dog and companion, as promised by the wonderful people at the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society. We are so thankful to everyone who lobbied on Rex's behalf to rescue him and find him a good forever home.

Rest easy, Sweet Rexy. You are home.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Freezer Raid!

I try to give the freezer a good purging around this time each year to a) Toss the funky stuff, and b) Use up last Spring/Summer/Fall's haul before the garden, forests and water give us more food for socking away. It also has the surprising effect of inspiring me to try some odd combinations and different sorts of recipes than I'd make on an average night. My freezer findings so far, and what I'll be making with them-

*Pork roast and other assorted pork products - bacon, sausage, ham, chops, etc., about 80 pounds worth! (from Aunt Alice's home grown Duroc barrow, "Turbo".)
*Dandelion Petals (for wine making)
*At least 5 pounds of organic blueberries, from the farm down the road
*Silver Salmon
*Pacific Sand dab (Flounder) from last summer's camping trip
*Nettle tea/broth
*Assorted wild berries - red huckleberry, Oregon grapes, salal
*Grated zucchini from Sweet Serena's garden (thanks, lady!)
*Pureed Pumpkin from our garden

And I haven't reached the bottom yet.

Tonight's dinner will be Pork Roast dressed with a huckleberry/balsamic reduction, served with zucchini cakes a la Andrea the Kitchen Witch and spinach salad.

I'll also be starting a few batches of wine here shortly, including more dandelion and rhubarb, and maybe some blueberry. I'm not sure if blueberry wine will be a great drinking wine, but if all else fails, I can turn it into vinegar. I'll probably (eventually) make some blueberry jam as well, though I'm still wayyyy burned out on canning just now.

Bill will probably end up smoking the last of the salmon, or else using it as crab bait if he determines that it is too old to use otherwise.

Between the pork, the fish and our (knock wood) constant supply of eggs, I shouldn't have to buy us much if any protein for the next month, maybe more. Think of the savings! :)

Do you do a routine freezer or pantry purge? What fascinating delights have you found hiding in your freezer's depths?