Thursday, June 2, 2011

sitting in my chicken's yard
drinking cold red wine
swallows above dart and swoop

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Goatalympics!

One of my very favorite animal rescue organizations, New Moon Goat Sanctuary & Rescue, is sponsoring an event called the Goatalympics. I'm seriously thinking about entering a goat or three from my herd, since this is all in good fun and benefiting a great organization, and because even unruly, less-than-perfect goats are welcome.

They have a ton of different categories, both "skilled" and unskilled - obstacle course (aka "bribe a goat"), loudest bleat, prettiest eyes, widest goat, etc. So I'm looking for a little input here - if I were to enter, who should I enter and for which category/event? I can take up to three goats to the Goatalympics, but that might be pushing it for me to handle all three, even with help from the girls. You tell me - should I go? Who should I take and why? I have a small album of goat pics over on my GGG facebook page, but I'll include a few here as well, because like any proud Mama, I'll take any excuse to whip out the pictures of my babies. :)

Behold our potential contenders-

Fritzen, "The Boss-Lady"

Buckley, Teeny & Oreo, Fritzen's babies

Gertie, the Princess

Blue aka Donkeh (with Blackjack)

"Sassypants" Chardy

Archie, the one-horned eating machine

Spike, aka, Sir TurdBurglar

Only does and wethers (castrated males) are eligible, so Blackjack, Barley & Buckley will have to sit this one out. Review the candidates and take a peek through the "goats of happiness" category to get a little more insight into their individual personalities and tell me who should represent Boggy Hollow at the big game!