Monday, January 24, 2011

How to tell if you're in Western Washington

*If the plants on your plants start growing plants.

Maple + Moss + Fern = Fermossaple?

*When your field becomes a pond in the course of two weeks.



*When your husband tells you that he caught crabs, he probably means these kind.

Thank God.

*When you have as many words for rain as the Inuit people have for snow.

*When finding a slug in your rain boot (the hard way) is all in day's work.

*When there is a coffee roaster and a microbrewery in every town with more than 2 stoplights.

*When you will forgo air conditioning in your car in favor of cutting-edge windshield wiper/mudflap technology.

*When you can name more than 10 varieties of apples and tell the difference between them all.

*When you spend more on espresso in a given year than you do on your stylin' Value Village wardrobe.