Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kick-starting a Cottage Kitchen

The Washington State Cottage Food Law is on its way! Soon, I might be able to sell my jam, jellies, baked goods and more to complete strangers at markets or from right here on the farm. :)

But my kitchen is wee, and the CF regulations require that you store your personal food/ingredients separately from your "commercial" foods, which would be a serious obstacle to having an approved kitchen. So I'm wondering - should I seriously consider expanding/renovating my little kitchen?

I could get a bid on the work and equipment, then launch a kickstarter fund drive and cross my fingers. The idea of making my homemade food for the masses makes me kinda giddy. I'd also like to start making some bath products (soap, lotion) with some of our goat milk. Those types of items wouldn't fall under the heading of a cottage food product, but an increased kitchen space and facilities would certainly afford me more space in which to produce my goaty toiletries too.

What say you? Should I give this a serious go? Would you contribute to my cottage kitchen project for a small gift and my eternal thanks? ;)

Monday, April 23, 2012

King Kong, Soon to be Kung Pao

Le Jerk

I know that roosters are agro and bossy by trade, but a giant roo who attacks children, unprovoked from behind? Not happening.

Does anyone have a spare Australorp rooster hanging around? The laydies are ready for their new Romeo.

My Swingin' Shepherd

Goatherd, technically, but you know what I mean.

Bill turns the does out to graze, then passes the time playing his ukulele. It's become such a routine that when the music stops, the gals stop their munching and come thundering back up toward the pen, knowing that it's time for their grain.

Having that kind of peaceful rhythm with your animals is an amazing experience. I feel blessed to be surrounded with so much sweetness every day.