Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kick-starting a Cottage Kitchen

The Washington State Cottage Food Law is on its way! Soon, I might be able to sell my jam, jellies, baked goods and more to complete strangers at markets or from right here on the farm. :)

But my kitchen is wee, and the CF regulations require that you store your personal food/ingredients separately from your "commercial" foods, which would be a serious obstacle to having an approved kitchen. So I'm wondering - should I seriously consider expanding/renovating my little kitchen?

I could get a bid on the work and equipment, then launch a kickstarter fund drive and cross my fingers. The idea of making my homemade food for the masses makes me kinda giddy. I'd also like to start making some bath products (soap, lotion) with some of our goat milk. Those types of items wouldn't fall under the heading of a cottage food product, but an increased kitchen space and facilities would certainly afford me more space in which to produce my goaty toiletries too.

What say you? Should I give this a serious go? Would you contribute to my cottage kitchen project for a small gift and my eternal thanks? ;)


  1. That sounds fantastic, you would need to cost it out obviously and see if you can do it, this is something I would personally love to do myself! have gone as far as producing and selling soaps but this is really the next step up.

  2. here in CO they just passed a cottage foods law - if you make LESS than $5k per year on EACH food item (jellies, cookies, muffins, etc) you can make them from home with out being inspected/certified/insured. HOORAY! Pretty exciting stuff! Anyway, if it's something you really feel passionate about doing then go for it. Sounds like one heck of a lot of work to me!

  3. Does the law stipulate that foods must be stored in the kitchen? We have a fridge in our garage that we used to store eggs when I sold those, and I always wanted to add a hot/cold prep sink, counter and cupboards there. I don't have designs on producing cottage goods at this point, but sure would like the option. Previous WSDA regulations made that impossible for us small fries.

  4. Great idea Michelle.Will your health hold uP?That would be my main concern.Grandpa and I will help if we can.Good luck. Also how would you expand?

  5. I am getting "giddy" for you... Kick start that cottage behind your house. You won't regret. Then you could pursue mail order too!

    Right here n our city limits-A woman built a cottage kitchen to sell her baked goods behind her house- I was amazed. It can be done.


  6. Go for it--I love goat milk soap.