Friday, July 30, 2010

Gotta Whole Lotta 'Cots

Today was a tag-team jam-o-rama. Jen and I made no less than 48 jars of apricot jam & conserves, with apricots to spare. In case you didn't know, 24 pounds of apricots is A LOT of apricots.

Even after we canned the bejeebus out of our 'cots, I was still left with four pounds of fruit. Since I'm a little apricotted out at the moment, I'm thinking of using the rest of mine to make some Apricot Schnapps. It takes a few months of steeping and "aging" for the schnapps to be properly drinkable, by which time I will hopefully have regained my love of the lovely "cot".

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do you suffer from dangerously high self-esteem?

Try running from yard to yard through your neighborhood, wielding an 8-foot long salmon net, in pursuit of an 8-ounce chicken. That should destroy your dignity quickly enough. Should you insist upon trying it for yourself, allow me to share my insights with you regarding my experience -

What you will net:

-Innumerable scratches from blackberry brambles.
-Looks from neighbors and strangers, ranging from surprised to highly amused.
-Poorly timed, very specific questions about the pros and cons of chicken husbandry.
-Half a dozen spider webs on your person.
-Intimate knowledge of your neighbors' back yards.

What you will not net:

-The escapee

In the end, she flew back over the fence herself. I love my birds, but I was about ready to write this one off.

Scarlet, with the white menace herself, aka &%$@#&! bird