Friday, August 27, 2010

The Bog Blog

For your reading pleasure, a little off-shoot of my Granola adventures, focusing on getting this farm up and running, I humbly introduce, The Bog Blog.

Yes, indeedy, the farm finally has an official name, Boggy Hollow. We were going to go with Boggy Bottom, but a Google search revealed that there were several farms with that name.

I probably am getting a little ahead of myself by even referring to this place as a farm, since, as of this moment, it isn't really. But I can picture everything that it will be - someday. As for now, 13 chickens, 6 fruit trees, 3.5 acres and a whole lot of big ideas are all that we've got. Stay tuned ;)

Monday, August 23, 2010

We're here!

Just a quick howdy to all my homeboys and girls on the interwebs. We're in the house, surrounded by boxes, overwhelmed by our new yard (and missing our old garden), enjoying the quiet, adjusting to the taste of well water ;p and just generally exhausted and blissfully happy to finally be HOME.

Pics forthcoming, as soon as the camera can be located.

By the way - the farm name debate drags on. Bill leans toward Boggy Hollow Farm (because Boggy Hollow Beer sounds better as a name for his homebrew, so he says), while I and many of you prefer Soggy Bottom Farm. Maybe a compromise? Boggy Bottom Farm, Soggy Hollow Farm? Help!