Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do you suffer from dangerously high self-esteem?

Try running from yard to yard through your neighborhood, wielding an 8-foot long salmon net, in pursuit of an 8-ounce chicken. That should destroy your dignity quickly enough. Should you insist upon trying it for yourself, allow me to share my insights with you regarding my experience -

What you will net:

-Innumerable scratches from blackberry brambles.
-Looks from neighbors and strangers, ranging from surprised to highly amused.
-Poorly timed, very specific questions about the pros and cons of chicken husbandry.
-Half a dozen spider webs on your person.
-Intimate knowledge of your neighbors' back yards.

What you will not net:

-The escapee

In the end, she flew back over the fence herself. I love my birds, but I was about ready to write this one off.

Scarlet, with the white menace herself, aka &%$@#&! bird


  1. Bwahahahahahaha....add hilarious writing fodder to what you will net.

  2. Great great. Thank you I needed this early morning laugh. The spider webs would have been the end of the hunt for me. Glad she came back and Love her Name ;)

  3. My favourite chicken memory is of my dad all dresed up in his fancy pants army dress uniform ,gold braid and all, climbing a 20 ft ladder trying to rescue my fly away chicken in the rain. Mum was helping trying not to get her ball gown and hairdo ruined. They were running very late to the mess dinner by the time they had finished
    The chickens wings were clipped after that!

  4. One word: Hilarious.

    Glad she got back home safely. :)

  5. hahahahaha! Did someone by chance happen to video this? Hysterical.......glad she is home!