Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sir Fluffelbutt Saves the Day!

Rex is already earning his LGD stripes! Last night he alerted us about a disturbance in the farm force, and Bill and I went to investigate. Long story short - Bill saw a red fox in the road, and my chicken security double-check revealed a few lapses on the chicken-locker-upper's part.

Luckily, Rex's heads-up was enough to get us outside in time to beat Mr. Fox to the punch. Big atta-boys and belly scratches were given, and the head of security went calmly back to his post (the front porch) to continue his watch. :)

Defender of the Flocks, at rest.

I have to say, even though Rexy isn't a purebred Pyr, he has been a kick-ass farm dog and companion, as promised by the wonderful people at the Great Pyrenees Rescue Society. We are so thankful to everyone who lobbied on Rex's behalf to rescue him and find him a good forever home.

Rest easy, Sweet Rexy. You are home.


  1. This is GREAT news! I'm so glad to see photos and hear that Rex is happy and doing a good job of looking after your farm animals.

  2. Young Rex is an awesome dog! (but we already knew that).

    Go Rex!

  3. Yeah! Its working out. A fabulous forever home he has too.

  4. So good to hear this happy ending. I worried about him so much for the long time he was at Ft Worth and cried when I heard that Lynette decided she couldn't leave him there when she was picking up another rescue. And now he is in a wonderful home with you. The stories don't get any better than this. Thank you. --Sandy Collins