Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Freaky Egg

When I went out to lock the hens up tonight, I checked the nest box just for good measure, and this freaky mess is what I found -

Amelia hadn't laid for 2 days previous to this. By the way - the shell is basically non-existent. It felt like a warmish water balloon. Ew...

So, my questions now are -

a) Should I be concerned about Amelia's health?

b) Can I eat this egg?

c) Do I even WANT to eat this egg? (At the moment - NO.)



  1. Okay, that is even freakier than the freaky eggs I have found! I have had a few that you go to pick out of the nest and they are soft and squishy - major ewwwww factor! I always have just tossed those to the dog.

  2. Thanks Amy! We ended up composting this one, and there hasn't been another like it since. I beefed up their calcium intake right away and that seems to have been just the thing that they needed. Either that or she's finally got the hang of this egg-laying business. ;)

  3. Wow, that is an intense egg. You actually considered eating it?? I'm glad the calcium seemed to help. I don't know about being concerned about it--she's prob fine (??) (Not a chicken expert...)

  4. K - I didn't really WANT to eat it, trust me! I just wondered if it was technically edible. We were too grossed out by it's weirdness and composted it instead.