Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sunshine Wine

The dandelion wine is in progress, at last, at last! Bill and I moved it from the primary into a 3-gallon carboy last night. I normally taste the wine at this stage, but since I'm in the middle of the head cold from hell and can't smell or taste anything, I didn't bother. Bill, on the other hand, did, and said that it tastes similar to the rose hip wine - light, floral, sweet and a bit fruity. It is still fermenting like crazy, so the sweetness should lessen substantially over the next few weeks. Hopefully my cold will do the same so that I can finally taste this much-anticipated brew.

The "must" on day 5, just before racking.

And into the jug it goes. :)

Once I've sorted this wine out and can vouch for the recipe, I'll write it up here for anyone who might be interested in giving it a go. By the way - if you think you'll be making this wine, get your flowers now while the getting is good. You can always freeze (or probably even dehydrate) the petals for later use. The next wine up for us will be either be rhubarb or hawthorn blossom, depending on which of the two I can lay my hands on sufficient quantities of first.

By the way - does anyone know of a way to send wine through the mail? I'd love to offer some in a giveaway one of these days.


  1. The wine sounds fine :) Its so cool that you make your own! Love that! My DH is an amature home brewer of beer, I need that man to get on the wine too! As far as shipping I'm sure there's laws & stuff but what they don't know won't hurt them, right? I've heard of these awesome wine bottle shaped bubble wrap bags that have a double seal so it cushions the wine and if it were to break it is contained. Pretty cool. I'd ask at the UPS store & see what they have!

  2. rhubarb wine? are really creative. I would love to try some of THAT!

  3. @Andrea - I'm going to have to check into the wine bags/UPS option, STAT! ;) Also, tell the hubby that wine is actually easier than beer, it just has to sit longer before it's "good".

    @Banu - If this UPS thing pans out, I'll be happy to send you some! I made a gallon of rhubarb wine last year, but it's long gone. It has been everybody's favorite so far.

  4. So excited to see the recipe. Ever since you first wrote that you were making Dandelion Wine. I look at them with admiration instead of disdain.

    Sorry I missed you while you were so close.

  5. oh this looks so yummy! i think i just might have to try making some of this

  6. You are welcome to come out here and scavenge for different plants to make your wines. I am not sure what Hawthornes look like, but it is very possible that on this 40 acres you are bound to find something :) Besides it would be great to see my friend Michelle.

  7. Thank you, T, Kris & Jani! :)

    Jani - We just need to get together. I haven't got to behold the baby belly lately. And I have stuff for you! Let's do lunch, mamacita! :)

  8. Chelle have picked the flowers, made the infusion and just made the brew so will have to wait awhile before I can taste it but so far so good a nice yellow looking mix is sitting on my kitchen counter.