Friday, June 18, 2010

Belated Photos of Rapidly Aging Chickens

Life has been completely nuts lately, and I have failed to provide you with the promised pics of my growing chicky babies. As a small token of atonement, I now offer you some rather outdated pics of my babies and my other babies.

Livy with Daisy~Scarlet with Scout, Day 1

Charlotte, Wilbur, Snowflake, Ruthie, Rocky, Scout & Sky, at about 1 week old (Apparently, Sunny & Daisy were hiding)

Scout, playing King of the Mountain on the waterer. The others soon followed suit and it quickly became the most coveted spot inside the brooder.

When I get my booty in gear and take AND actually upload some newer pics of the chicks, you'll be stunned by how much these little porkers have grown in a month. They're even starting to show some cranky tween-age behavior like squaring off on each other, and constantly tussling for the coveted top spot on the waterer or edge of the brooder. I have my suspicions about 2 or 3 of the more feisty chicks being roosters, but until we know for sure, they'll all continue to share living quarters.

More pics soon - pinky promise.


  1. Can't wait to see how much they've grown :) They sure are cute! Their handlers are adorable, too :)

  2. I find this all so interesting, can't wait to read and see more

  3. we always had our pet chickens with pet dogs and cats and never once had a negative incident.As soon as we got the chicks we would introduce them to the carnivores and let them have a good sniff and lick, then make them lie there while the chicks explored them. The novelty soon wore off on both sides and there was no more mystery. The only time I ever felt there was any danger at all was when the chicks would steal food from the german shepherds bowl while he was eating!

  4. I love your chicks.... I wish we weren't moving or we'd get some too!

  5. Love the chicks - i need to think about getting some new ones next spring - mine are 2 years old now. Which may be why they aren't laying as well as they used too....which is a good thing in a way. How is the packing/moving coming?