Monday, July 5, 2010

Summertime, and the living is easy nutso

Summer 2010 started off with a bang weak fizzle here in western Washington. The weather has been el poo 90% of the time, making for a sad, weird little garden this year and a lot of moping by even the most seasoned Washingtonians. Weather-wise, it has been a lot more like mid-April than early July. At least my pea plants are enjoying the gloom. They're kicking out the goods like never before. Lately, we're getting almost a pound of peas per day!

The cylindrical beets are also looking pretty good, though I don't have the photographic evidence yet to back that up.

The strawberries are plugging along, slowly but surely, and the grape vines are all chock full of wee baby grapes. And so I find myself still rather torn about whether or not I really do want this house to sell right away. I'd love to see this little garden through, since there is no time to plant another at the (hopefully) new house. But at the same time, holy God, do I want this drama over with!

In addition to the unfortunately slow and low production in the garden this year, I can't yet can what we do have, because, in an uncommon fit of reckless optimism, I packed up all of my canning jars and water bath canner when it looked like we were going to be moving right away. And now I have no choice but to send poor Bill spelunking in the storage unit for it all, because the strawberries and cherries, few though they are, wait for no man.


  1. Looks like your peas are the gift that keep on giving. I will be glad to send some way too hot Florida sunshine your way. Your garden is struggling in the cool air, and mine has already bolted from the heat.

    I hope your house sells just exactly when you are ready :-)

  2. I hope you can see your garden to fruition quickly