Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Un-duh Press-shuh

T-minus 5 days until the start of the big move. I am oscillating between hummingbird-like packing frenzies and shut-out-the world napping sprees. I AM NEVER MOVING AGAIN.

In the midst of all of the crazy, we've all been managing to distract ourselves quite nicely from that whole cleaning/packing/sign-you-life-away-on-the-dotted-line thing. Bill and his Grandpa went fishing up in Alaska for a week. Together, they came home with over 80 pounds of salmon and halibut - that's the filleted weight!

Those handsome Jackson boys and their fishies

The girls and I have been crazy busy with camping, berry picking, county fairs and walks on the beach. The county fair may have been a mistake. My cousins' girls were there showing everything from chickens to pigs, and I think that a pair of 4-H maniacs have been born. Here we go again. Liv is already ogling the model chickens in her backyard poultry magazine, and lobbying for a pond so that we might raise her beloved Cayuga ducks. My head is spinning with the possibilities and the more pressing matters of actually getting the real estate stuff wrapped up. I need another nap.

When I resurface, I'll be whipping up a batch of Oregon Grape Jam, showing off my British Columbian foodie prize package (thanks again, Meghan!) and hosting my own pay-it-forward foodie package giveaway.


  1. I will remind you that you said this when it is your turn! ;)

  2. There is an old saying...Tis better that your house burn down twice, than to move it once. In the frenzy of moving that statement can suddenly ring true.
    80lbs of halibut and salmon? Wow. 4-H ideas for the new digs...Awesome. We were trying to figure out how to sneak in a single hen for our backyard without our neighbors noticing. :-)

  3. Ok - we are in the process of buying a sow to raise Jessie and Tyler their own 4-h pigs - wonder how I can SHIP you a piglet when the time is right???? lol. Or maybe I'll just ship you some fancy chickens as a housewarming gift:) Seriously - hope you have a smooth and easy move!!!

  4. I made it through the move.... You'll do just fine! Enjoy your foodie package.