Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Attack of the UFO's

U.F.O. - n. 1. Knitting Knerd shorthand for "Unfinished Object".

I faced down my UFO pile this week, and it wasn't nearly as painful as I had expected it to be. Here's where I started-

One scarf, 5 dishcloths, and 2 pair of mittens.

I actually managed to tuck and weave most of these in about 20 (gorgeous, lovely, uninterrupted) minutes of sittin' and knittin' on my front porch. Knitting on the porch, drinking my coffee and watching the chickens is my new favorite morning activity. Besides napping, of course.

The 2nd blue mitten is in the home stretch, and one of the gray baby mittens will have to be remade, as it fell to assault by moths during it's long, lonely wait to be finished. But the others are done! That wasn't so bad. Now I'm free to go nuts at the yarn store again, right?


  1. LOL on UFO, I do no knit but this made me laugh

  2. As hard as you've worked recently, you NEED a trip to a yarn store.....sounds like the perfect pasttime to me:)

  3. Unfinished knits are the worst! I always slip in a couple cables or colors to keep things interesting so I don't get bored. Good luck!