Saturday, September 11, 2010

I will can this weekend...

...I will can this weekend. I will!

Because I know a certain soldier, far away from home, who has specifically requested some blueberry jam, I will get my act together and make the jams that I have been putting off making. And then I'll drag my lazy butt to the post office and send those jars on an exotic journey. Hold me to it, people. Otherwise someone on the other side of the planet is going to be eating some dry mess hall toast, and that's just not cool.


  1. I am holding you to it, get to work. No doubt that soldier will share, and those boys/girls are waiting for some blueberry jam!

  2. Hi. :) I've been getting to know you through your blog a bit lately. First time to comment.

    That's awesome. I hope you do it and it goes well. That's so nice of you! Would love to see photos and hear about your process.