Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Maniac Manic Knitter

Ten days 'til Christmas, and I still have three projects left to finish and four to block. Why do I punish myself so?

Today's project was an earflap hat for one of Olivia's teachers who is a MAJOR San Diego Chargers fan. Here's my baby, the Football Fan Earflap Hat-

I improvised/designed/whatever-you-want-to-call-it this hat myself, so there is no proper pattern to post, at least at this point. I'm hoping to write it up soon, but in the mean time, the basic project outline is up on Ravelry.

Ok. Falling into bed now. I get to wake up bright and early with kiddos, then dive head-first back into Craft Cram-a-thon 2010. Woohoo!


  1. Can I overnight you some ofmy knitting Christmas presents? I'm down and out after Lasek surgery and I'm freaking ALLERGIC to the bandaget contact lens that I have to wear for 10 vision is great though, but my eye is a mess and any sort of light hurts it! Hope you get all your knitting done!!!!

  2. Oh, woman - what did you do to yourself?!? I have faith in your superpowers, you'll pull it off somehow. But in the event that you can't, there's no shame in an IOU. Your peeps will know that you're good for it. ;)

    Feel better soon and Merry Christmas! :)