Friday, June 17, 2011

The New Kid in Town

Our new roo, a white-crested black Polish, Thunder, aka Thunder-Bunder, Thunderbird.

Contrary to his tough moniker and his dashing good looks, so far Thunder has been striking out with the ladies. He is also extremely shy, and goes hauling-booty into the coop anytime anyone makes eye contact. At least he's not mean.

Our main plan for Thunder-boy is to mate him with Miss Curly, a frizzled hennie of the same breed. The literature on chicken genetics tells us that Thunder & Curl should have around 75% frizzled babies. I'm so excited! The only thing cuter than a frizzled Polish is a frizzled Naked Neck (check out the 6th photo from the top - tell me that's not freaking adorable!), and we'll hopefully get there in another year or two. ;) But our grand plans for frizzled chicks have to wait a while still, as Curly isn't laying yet, and is also still recovering from a bit of henpecking by the other girls. The lovers must, out of necessity, remain apart for the time being.

Thunder, with Curly in the neighboring run. So close, yet so far.

We put Gracie, our golden-laced Polish, in with Thunder for a little bit to see if there was any chemistry between them. THERE WAS NOT. Our mild mannered Gracie had Thunder practically climbing the walls to get away from her. Chicken-hearted indeed!

Even though he's not yet able to fulfill his husbandly duties, it has already been nice to have a roo around again. His feeble, sporadic little cock-a-doodle doo makes this place feel like a farm again. Love live the Thunder Bird!

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  1. I had a frizzy chicken once, and it was gorgeous. Good luck with your breeding plans, maybe slip some wine into the water pan, and play some romantic music?