Monday, August 8, 2011

An Americauna Pullet's first egg!!

My first ever guest-post, written by my amazing, beautiful, creative, chicken-wrangling 11 year-old, Olivia. :)

This is Olivia , Michelle's daughter and the family "bird nerd". I love chickens and I am honored to tell you that one of our americauna pullets laid her first egg.

We noticed our first egg yesterday when we were doing critter patrol. It was much smaller than the other eggs, and we were anxious to find out who laid the egg. We're still not sure who has laid the egg yet, but I suspect it's Creampuff, because she is the oldest and when you try to pick her up, she goes into chick-protection position. It might not be, but I have those tiny pieces of evidence that made me guess. We remain curious of who laid the egg, but whoever laid it, we're proud of her. :)

We were able to tell that the egg was from a pullet because it was smaller than the others. It was bluer than the older americaunas, really pale too. If you don't look at it in good light, it looks white! When I went inside after we did critter patrol to ledger the eggs, I thought today when I ledger the eggs, I thought I would write the date and a footnote at the very last page saying: "Our americauna pullet's first egg!!"

I am very happy that one of our pullets gave us something in exchange for those hundreds of dollars spent on feeding them, and buying waterers, feeders, and the wood, nails, the pneumatic stapler and nailer, the brads, staples, metal, screws, the air compressor, and all the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the work of their home. Although that gift is small, and the amount we spent is big, and the egg is so small, we will forever be grateful for our americauna pullet's first egg.

Pictures: Above: the eggs we gathered yesterday. Below: A comparison between the pullet egg and an older hen's egg.


  1. Very good job Olivia!! Excellent job describing how you know its a pullets egg and the evidence you gathered to determine who laid the egg. You're a great farm girl and must make your parents very proud!! I hope you get to guest post again soon!

  2. Great job Olivia! I used to 'blow' special eggs from my chickens when I was your age and then wash them out. Then I'd get a pack of alphabet-soup-noodles and glue messages on the eggs with them and spray laquer them to make them shiny forever. My mum still has some of them in the cabinet on display lots of years later so obviously they make an awesome gift!
    That pullet egg is very cute and I bet it will taste lovely too, yumm...

  3. Great job Olivia. Love how you listed out all that goes into caring for the chickens. Its actually a good shopping check list for the future hens I hope to have.

  4. so sweet, great job... you will have to give me kids lessons on how to care for chickens.