Monday, September 19, 2011

Cheesy Suggestions?

I have a few gallons of goats milk in the fridge just waiting to be put to good use, and I'm going to use it to make another cheese. So I thought I'd ask, what kind of cheese should I make?

A) Another Parmesan!
B) FetaFetaFetaFeta
C) Chevre (most of which I'll have to share, because Bill's out of town, and this is not my favorite cheese)
D) Cheddar
E) A metric ton of Mozzarella
F) Something else - you tell me!

And maybe, just maybe, I'll finally document a cheese making from beginning to end this time. Maybe.


  1. Any goat cheese is a good goat cheese! Maybe some mozzarella, but I guess cheddar would keep better.

  2. Can you make a gouda out of goat milk? That would be good. If gouda's out then I'd make a cheddar. Yum!