Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's a trap!

...a fruit fly trap, that is.

It may look like I'm setting out the good stuff for the bugs (that's what they're supposed to think - bwaha!), but it's actually just a bit of apple cider vinegar in the bottle.

You can buy fruit fly traps for around five to seven bucks that are basically the same setup, or you can just put about a nickel's worth of ACV in a container that has either a neck or steeply sloped sides (impeding escape) and the greedy little buggers will flock to it and drown. I know it's mean, and I don't like killing anything, but between the plague of gnats and crane flies that have engulfed us this year, Mama had enough.

I still don't have a great tip for ridding your home of crane flies, though my chickens have gleefully taken up the cause, chasing them down and snapping them up out of the lawn. I also usually find at least one freshly drowned in my scentsy wax-warmer every morning, so there's that...


  1. I need a trap for pesky pantry moths, they're so annoying and I've lost so much food to them :(

  2. Ahahahahaha I have a dead fly in my scentscy wax warmer too!! Nice fruit fly trap, I'll have to use the steep sides trick next time. I got desperate this year, too, and took a piece of canteloupe, cut it into chunks, put it in a mason jar and added water half way up. Shook it around like crazy and with in a day there were TONS of dead fruit flies in it. While not the most attractive thing in the kitchen, it sure did work. Cept for all those that kept escaping...must have smaller neck next time!