Friday, October 28, 2011

Los Bebés

These little fuzzles are now about 4 days old. Most of these pics were taken on days #2 & 3. We ended up with 27 chicks, 10 of whom (by Livy's count) are "naked necks" - potenial frizzled polish-naked neck crosses. :)

A black Australorp chick. These little babies are as hardy as the day is long!

A wider shot of the gang of peepers.

I want to name this bird Liza Minnelli so bad. Seriously - do you see the resemblance too or have I been spending WAY TOO MUCH time around chickens?

Livydoo & "Liza" :)

Mixing two funny looking breeds to make a new and different funny looking breed is pure bird-nerd nirvana. Behold our first Fall hatch of babies, the Americauna/White-crested Black Frizzled Polish crosses -

This little frizzled dude reminds me of what a crow/stellar's jay cross might look like.

I am IN LOVE with this girl's wacky crest. It reminds me of a peahen or a quail of some sort, maybe? I dunno, but I do think she's durn fancy!

The heap o'babies. Suddenly, they are camera-shy.

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  1. I am in peep heaven....These babies are adorable. I have always wanted a few chickens to call my own.

    Congratulations on your new brood of chicks.