Saturday, October 22, 2011

We have a Farrrmerrr doon! (Again)

Last time there was a Farrrrmerrrr doon it was because a single bite of undercooked chicken had it's revenge on me.

This time, it's muh back.

Apparently osteoarthritis wasn't content simply destroying my knees, and so set it's sights on L5-S1 and went to town. And it SUCKS!

Certainly not helping anything is the fact that, while collecting eggs yesterday, I full-on wiped out on the rain-slick clay, jarring my already cranky back and breaking half a dozen eggs in one fell swoop.

So, just the noo, this farrrm lass is a wee bit poorly. And she hasna held back on the pain killers, and may have been reading a wee bit tae much o' the Outlander Series while layin' aboot. Maybeh.


  1. Ooh Outlander :) Jamie is HOT!!! Smokin hot :) Sorry your back is a POS. Enjoy the pills and Outlander. Sounds like a pretty awesome combo, actually :)

  2. Hi Michelle!

    I was relaxing in the chair at the acupuncturist's yesterday and my thoughts mysteriously turned your way. Have you ever considered or tried acupuncture for your ailments? I've been going to Community Acupuncture Studio on 4th (East Oly, by Ralph's TW) to help me deal with stress and anxiety caused by my loss and I LOVE it! They have a sliding pay scale, which is really helpful. Their website is if you're interested. :)