Monday, November 7, 2011

Pictures of a Passel of Peeping Peepers

This is what they look like 80% of the time. Spazzes.

One of our 3 naked neck frizzles (in the middle of the pack).

A Frizzled Polish/Turken and a Polish/Americauna, giving me the eye.

Liza Minnelli and Sir Fluffernutter :)

Twenty-six babies. Twenty-six babies who have just learned that pecking the side of the metal trough that is their home makes an interesting noise. Two and three a.m. are apparently prime time for these contagious experiments, which makes for strange dreams filled with pings and tweets that swell and fall silent in near-perfect unison every 20 minutes to half an hour. Mama bird can't wait until these babies leave her nest.

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  1. Cute! In my personal experience, the ones that "give you the eye" tend to turn out to be roosters. (I had 11 roosters out of 19 chicks with my first hatch, although only a few were really dominant boys. Like an idiot, I kept one...and he turned mean as he got older.)