Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pikshurs of my Baybeez

Sorry, I get all mushy like that when it comes to the little ones. Also, I've been spending maybe a little too much time on the Corel PaintShop software that came with my camera, tinkering with pics of the babies. For your viewing pleasure-

One of the babies (a hen, we think) from the clutch hatched on 10/1/11. Mama was a red/brown Ameracauna and Papa was a White Crested Black Polish Frizzle. We are tentatively calling this mix "Policauna". ;)

I want to go outside, but I'm a little chicken. (BWAHAHA!)

A non-frizzled Policauna. This little dude/dudette is always very curious about visitors.

My Oreo-girl snuggling up to her Mama, Fritzen. It will be hard to see Fritzy move on to her new home, but I know that they are going to treat her like a queen.

Sisters :)


  1. did you polish frizze ameraacunna hen lay blue eggs? would love to know.

  2. They do lay blue eggs! They are a little paler blue that their Mama's eggs were, but they're beautiful. I'll have to post a pic. :)