Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mope-fest #283


Well, I guess it's better than the snow that we've also had a few times this week, and that's as close to optimistic and chipper as you're probably going to get from me today. Nonstop rain, you are killing me softly.

This season of blah has lasted almost two seasons. I feel like it was September when I was last able to wear my beloved flip-flops. Giant yellow orb, why hast thou forsaken mine greater geographic area?!?

I grew up in this county, and am the 3rd generation in my family to do so. Soggy is in my DNA. But this, this weather has crossed a line.

Really? On my birthday?!? RUDE.

I'm attempting to deal with this gray and wet with humor, but seriously, this crap is breaking me down. Not only is it taxing my already heavily taxed sunny disposition, it has flared up both my allergies (molds & fungus plus some early pollen) and my arthritis with a vengeance. I can't taste, smell or for that matter, breathe through my nose right now, and I'm having trouble walking because my knee is so stiff, it keeps buckling and sending up stabbing pain at random intervals. I'm a chunky, wheezing, limpy mess with an increasingly poor attitude.

I need a tanning bed, a queen-sized Mai-Tai and a personal chocolate fountain to get me over this hump.

In the mean time, I'm going to go outside and throw rocks at the sky. Happy Thursday, everybody!


  1. So funny - I was just ranting about the torrential rain we were getting here this morning, asking how anyone could be in a good mood with this crap day after day. It's misery! P.S. do you have a dehumidifier? It can really help with the allergies...

  2. It will get better.... and then we'll get to complain about it next year... hope your birthday was good... cheers...