Friday, August 31, 2012


Meet our sweet new bunzo, Miss Charlene -

Her name was chosen by popular vote between my two daughters and my niece, after a spirited discussion in which the names "Fluffernut" and "Velvet" were also considered. I was right there the whole time, and I still have no idea how they arrived at Charlene. I guess this bunny girl should be glad that she fared better than our parakeet, Applesauce!

Charlene came to us through a fellow farm chick, who's dog didn't really co-habitate well with bunnies. Our lonely boy bunny, Prince Charming, was in need of a new gal-pal since sweet Cinderella passed away, so this little girl was a very welcome addition to the Boggy Hollow bunch.

Viva los bunzos!

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