Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Farmgirl's Friend - Reusable Plastic Mason Jar Lids

You know I'm not plastic's number one fan, but I must admit that these one piece reusable plastic mason jar lids have been incredibly useful around here.

Spicy infused vodka in progress

I especially like these when making things like infused booze or homemade vinegar; things that might react chemically with standard metal lids and rings.

But the reason I'm writing this here piece is not to get you to run out and buy a mess of these lids, but to show you another handy little feature that we stumbled upon while using them.

You can use a dry erase marker to label your jars! We've found that this is a much simpler and cleaner method for keeping track of the what and when of a jar's contents, compared with the old sticky label, which can be a nightmare to remove.

For the record, before figuring out the dry erase thing, we also tried post-it notes to keep track of what was what and when it came in to being. But, post-its won't stick when there's any moisture on the jar or lid, so we would end up with a pile of soggy, misplaced sticky notes and jars full of mystery items.

The way we employ these lids, and the dry-erase "trick" most often, is when storing our goat milk.

Labelled with the date of production and the lassie who produced it.

Nothing groundbreaking here, just another way to take advantage of something that you might already have in your kitchen. ;)

Happy jamming & canning!

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  1. Using a dry erase marker is a nifty way to label the lids of jars. Great idea.