Monday, September 17, 2012

Knitting Pattern: Climbing Vines Dishcloth

I've been knitting like a fiend lately, stockpiling inventory for my bazaars and farm stand, as well as for Christmas gifts. This is a little dishcloth pattern that I improvised, which I call Climbing Vines, as it reminds me of the fields of tall and narrow hops vines that we passed on our drive through Eastern Washington. It is a breeze to knit up, and the finished cloth looks pretty sharp, if I do say so myself!

What you'll need:

*Cotton, linen or hemp yarn, about 60-70 yards (I use Sugar & Cream kitchen cotton most often, because the price point keeps my costs reasonable.)
*Pair of size 8 straight needles, or a single size 8 circular needle.
*Scissors & Crochet hook for finishing

Cast on 36 stitches

Rows 1-3: Knit
Row 4: Knit 3, *P1, K3* to last 4 sts, K4
Row 5: Knit 2, P across to last 2 sts, K2
Row 6: Knit 4, *P1, K3* to last 3 sts, K3
Row 7: Repeat row 5
Repeat rows 4-7 until piece measures your desired length, minus 3 rows.
Last 3 rows: Starting on wrong side, knit all sts.
Bind off loosely and tuck in ends.

Finito! :)


  1. I like... knitting party perhaps? Oh and I am working on designing a vintage style full apron.

  2. Sweet! We are long overdue for a crafty gals stitch n' bitch! :)