Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Coming Out Party for Beth

Our Bethie, a lovely black-laced red Wyandotte hen who we have long suspected of actually being a rooster, made it official today. Beth crowed!

"Beth" surrounded by a portion of his harem

Crowed might be a generous description. If I had to convey the sound in terms that a non-farm-exposed individual could understand, I'd describe it as...the sound of someone gargling mud? If I didn't know it was Bethie, I'd be sure that there was someone out there murdering a set of bagpipes with a sledgehammer.

Beth has been a strapping chickie from the get go, and a notorious food hog/nibbler of exposed digits (he is why flip flops are a no-no in the Chicken Yard), setting himself apart from his slightly more timid peers. His robust physique and assertiveness lead us to suspect she was a fella, but hey - we don't judge. It was up to him to let us know where he stood.

There's plenty of room for all on this little farm. :)

The kiddos want to give him a new name, but so far, nothing. Any suggestions?


  1. Scarlet likes "Mr. Mustachio", but hasn't settled on it. The child is strange. She's the one who named Coo-Coo because she thought she resembled a pigeon in her youth. ???

  2. I think Beth should just have a symbol. Names are not enough to encompass this artist/chicken's all-ness.

  3. Coo Coo does look like a young pigeon, she's right :) I like Mr. Beth, personally. I'm a little strange like that LOL