Thursday, June 6, 2013

Three Little Birds

Close to a month ago, we noticed a pair of Stellar's jays building a nest in the camellia bush outside our dining room window. Then we saw Mama & Papa bird taking turns sitting while the other found good things to eat. The incubation period of a Stellar's Jay egg is supposed to be 17 days. As of last week, we were officially starting to wonder if all of Mama & Papa birds' efforts had been for naught.

Then, just today, we saw Mama bird sitting on the side of her nest. Upon closer inspection, we were also able to see two little nestlings in the classic baby bird pose; faces turned upward in anticipation of food, scrawny necks extended as far as they could be stretched in the hopes that they'd be the recipient of more of Mama bird's delicious regurgitated grub.

I grabbed my camera immediately. Alas, my expensive, fancy camera wouldn't take a nice picture of the birds or the nest, but would only focus on the dag-gum camellia branches. So a grainy, under-lit cell phone picture is the best I could do. I think I can see a nestling in this pic. Judge for yourself -

Maybe it's silly, but when a wild creature chooses our little foothold as a sufficiently abundant, safe place to raise a family, I take it as a positive affirmation that we're being good and gentle stewards of our land and the creatures who, whether by their choice or ours, call this place home. :)

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