Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Farm Stand!

Looky at what my boo made us this weekend -

My very own farm stand!

The girls and I spent part of the morning putting on the first coat of paint. Then it got hot, so we decided to retreat indoors for a while under the pretense of letting the first coat really, really dry. Here we have what shall eventually be known as, before:

After will happen when the sun lets up a little. 

In a wild, recklessly optimistic fit of hopefulness, I went ahead and added eight pounds of organic lemons and limes to our CSA produce order, in the hope that we'll have a splashy grand opening this weekend, featuring lots of fresh garden greens, herbs, fresh flower bouquets (maybe), eggs and delectable marionberry and lavender lemonades, hand squeezed by these two little enormous rascals -

The monkeys (Primatus Gigantis Boggy Hollowi) at the helm, eager to fix you up a tall, frosty lemonade!

So if you're in our neck the woods this week or next, stop by and say hi! And while you're not looking, a few pounds of kale *might* just show up in your car...


  1. Looks good he has done a good job

  2. If I were in your neck of the woods this week I would definitely stop by- Keep us folks in your virtual world in the loop. Would love to hear how it goes. How exciting.