Monday, January 18, 2010

My Dangerous New Toy

This past Christmas I received my much longed for ice cream maker attachment for my Kitchenaid stand mixer. Last night we finally broke it in.

We made the standard vanilla ice cream recipe, and in the last few minutes of the freezing/mixing phase, we threw in some diced canned peaches. Oh, mama...

It is SO GOOD. The only downsides to having this miracle device in my home are:

A) We're going to gain some weight.

B) Spontaneity is not allowed. You have to chill the freeze bowl for at least 15 hours before using it, and the cooked custard (at least for this recipe) needs to cool for 8 hours before throwing it in the freeze bowl to mix. So, you basically need a whole day's advance notice in order to whip up some ice cream.

C) The ingredients are pricey. We spent about $7 on the ingredients for this batch. Had we not had our own eggs - this recipe calls for eight yolks - it would have been more.

Having further perused the recipe booklet, it's looking like sorbet will be a lot simpler and cheaper to make, not to mention way less fattening, therefore I see us eating more sorbet than ice cream, but it's nice to have options. I've got so many potential flavors in mind that I don't know where to begin - espresso & Irish cream, tiramisu, huckleberry sorbet... It's a good problem to have.


  1. I keep looking at that attachment for my KitchenAid but my husband is lactose intolerant. I may have to just break down and buy it and figure something out....

  2. I've seen recipes for "ice cream" made with almond milk. And there's always sorbet! :)

  3. So jealous of your Kitchenaid mixer, let alone the ice-cream attachment. I simply have no room on the counters (or underneath, for that matter) in my NYC apt. for one. Sounds great. Huckleberry sorbet? Mmmm...Can I come visit?

  4. Of course, Banu - on the condition that you cook some of your incredible Turkish food for me! :)

  5. So can you just store the freeze bowl in the freezer and then it is ready to use when you want it?? Sounds yummy!

  6. oh that's so fun! looks delicious too!

  7. Oh, I'm always up for a scooop if good icecream! :) MMM, I'm craving something with rhubarb. Do you think a rhubarb custard icecream will be yum?

  8. Rhubarb ice cream - it never even occurred to me! I have a friend that is a rhubarb nut, so I might just have to whip some up for her. Since we started this winemaking thing though, most of our rhubarb usually ends up being turned into wine. ;)

  9. Ooh Icecream makers for kitchen aid! Did not know they had those. I'm so gonna go out and look for one.