Saturday, February 27, 2010

Granola Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations to Michelle from All Home Cooking. All Year Long. and Sarah at All Our Fingers in the Pie, our winners for the first ever Great Granola Giveaway. Ladies, please email your addresses to pisces chick 99 at gmail dot com and I'll send your goodies on their way.

I hope to have another of these contests soon, and next time I plan on trying to find more "ingredient-y" type goodies, since most of my peeps prefer to grow/cook/brew/bake their own tasty treats. In trying to put together an appealing lot of Pacific Northwest num-nums, I learned a few things about myself and the food of my region -

a) If you can't ship a Big Tom's burger, a Puyallup Fair Scone, an ETG mocha, an alder-plank grilled fillet of king salmon, homemade rhubarb wine or a caught-that-day homemade crab cake (YUM!), how can one effectively communicate the bad-but-oh-so-good food of the Puget Sound region?

b) Many of my favorite Olympia/Puget Sound foods are only available when the Farmer's Market is open, which around here, is not until April. D'oh!

c) In shopping for the Northwest's greatest hits, I kept bumping into the same 3 things - coffee, candy and alcohol. Lest you've never visited my humble stomping grounds, let me just say that the weather leaves the people of my good city seeking a little "boost" of one sort or another. Therefore, even though coffee and chocolate can no-way-no-how be grown in this climate, our love, nay, NEED of the caffeine & sugar have elevated coffee roasting and candy making to new heights 'round here. The notable exception: Aplets & Cotlets, which I have, despite my better judgement, included in these prize packages for the winners to judge for themselves.

So stay tuned for more goody-bag giveaways, most likely in late spring and early summer, when the garden is beginning to produce and the farmers markets are bustling. Again, congrats to our winners - enjoy! :)

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