Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Fever, where are you?

If you've ever read this blog before, you are no doubt used to my complaining about the weather. Well, I'm at it again, brace yourself.

Like a lot of folks in the Northwest, I get a touch of the ol' Seasonal Affective Disorder around this time each year when the weather isn't winter-winter weather anymore - falling snow and white-dusted evergreen trees - but instead it's BLAH winter; cold, soggy with overnight frosts spaced just far enough apart that you start to think Maybe I can plant out my... ZAP! Think again, says Mother Nature. Bwahaha!

Recklessly hopeful in spite of knowing better, I've gone ahead and planted a few things out, namely peas from seeds and starts, and a few red kale from starts. I've also started some greens indoors under my grow lights. They're up and growing well. They have faith that spring is coming. Maybe if I crawl underneath the grow lights myself and bask in their twitchy, faux sunshine, I too will wake up hopeful and energized for a new season.

In the mean time, it's all the coffee I can imbibe, vitamin supplements out the ying-yang and sheer stubbornness that are keeping me going through this gloomy, seemingly endless Winter, trudging slowly on toward Spring.


  1. I too am soooooo ready for spring....i check the weather every single day. looks like we are headed for mid 40's and partly sunny by the weekend - i'll take it:)

  2. I am right there with you. Living in Kentucky I was told winters are super mild "maybe snows once in february". Um... 6 inches of snow last week, more rain, 12 inches of snow beginning of february then more rain. this pattern on repeat since January 4. But March is here and I am hoping the locals are telling the truth now. 60 degrees here we come.

    Hoping a there is a good change in weather and mood for you as well.

  3. Hang in there! Spring is almost here! It has certainly been a long winter. :) So hopefully we will appreciate the warmer weather and gardening all that much more!