Saturday, March 6, 2010

The menagerie grows... two! Introducing the newest critters to join our circus, Cinderella & Goldie.

Liv & Goldie -

Scarlet & Cinderella -

I've been mulling over adding bunnies to our brood for a while now, and with the hubby's blessing, decided to finally go for it. The girls are madly in love with them already and have vowed, sworn on their very i-dogs and littlest pet shops even, that they will attend to their bunny's every need, and that mom & dad won't be left taking care of them alone. We'll see... but in the meantime - CUTE BUNNIES!


  1. Your new family members are beautiful. Those girls are lucky ones too :)

  2. They are cute bunnies! My girls were deliriously happy when we visited a farm where they could hold bunnies. I think they would happily have stayed there forever. :)


  3. Soooooooo cute!! Ejnoy them. :)

  4. Bunnies!!! so cute the girls faces, they look so excited.

  5. Oh, look at your beautiful girls, and those bunnies! Wow. Have fun with them. Congratulations on receiving a Stiletto award, and thanks for nominating me! You're awesome. Enjoy spring, and birthday season, too!