Sunday, March 28, 2010

To Market, to market...

Today we took the kids on a little outing to Seattle. Being the foodie-geeks that we are, we naturally had to hit the Pike Place Market while we were there.

Did I bring a list of things that I needed to get? No. Am I ever that organized? No, not usually. So instead, I like to make a little game of my wigged-out, schizoid market shopping called Now what in the heck am I going to make out of all of these oddball things that I just HAD to have from the farmer's market? aka - my own personal version of Chopped.

Here's what I'm working with for this week-

Apple Pork Bratwurst, Nuremberg Sausage, Blueberry Vinegar, Wild Ramps, Fresh Morels, Blood Oranges, Red Pepper Jelly & Garlic Pepper Jelly (hubby's choice)

A few meals that immediately come to mind are:
*Breakfast-for-Dinner - Omelette of fresh eggs, sauteed ramps and apple-pork sausage
*Homemade Pizza with Morels & Sausage
*Spring Greens Salad with a blueberry/blood orange vinaigrette w/red pepper jelly glazed Wild Salmon.

I love the challenge of using new & unusual ingredients in my cooking, and I honestly can barely control myself at farmer's markets. Everything is so fresh, and handcrafted and a little bit weird - just my style. I'd have gone much crazier with the shopping were we not about to leave for a 9-day vacation, a week from today. That isn't to say that we didn't live it up a little. Olivia tried her first - and likely last - kumquat. I only wish that I'd had the camera out to capture the squeezy-pucker look on her face when she chomped into it. We also caught the requisite fish-throwing show and stopped at my husband's all-time favorite market shop, Uli's, where they sell, I kid you not, Bacon Sausage.

I think my watch started running backwards at this point. Not to be outdone by meats within meats, the produce also brazenly asserted itself.

I was seriously in food-geek heaven. Thank goodness that we only go to Seattle once a month, or we'd be broke and weigh 400 pounds each.


  1. Psst.... We're trying to get stationed at Fort Lewis by this time next year. :o) We may be at the same market one of these days! (fingers crossed!!!)

  2. Awesome! I have my fingers crossed for you too! :)

  3. I've seen those big ass grapes at a store here and just about died at how awesome they are!! you got some great finds at the market! You meals sound delicious!!! Blueberry vinegar, holy cow that sounds so good!!!!

    PS I'm still thinking of freezeable meals for you :) When I come up with a few I'll email you.

  4. Awesome! Thanks, Andrea! BTW - note the tangerine sitting just behind the grapes. That should give you some sense of scale for these monsters. I'd have bought some, but they weren't organic and God only knows what end of the earth that they were shipped here from, so I had to pass. :(

  5. My mouth was watering just reading your list of potential meals from your market finds. Drooling!

  6. I love this post. Great way to find a new recipe. But for the past ten minutes I have started to laugh randomly at the thought of Big ASS Grapes. Fantastic. I miss Seattle. You brought it into my home, which is now Kentucky. Thanks

  7. Hey T - I was actually just in KY today! We took the kiddos on a little road trip to Cadiz for no particular reason. Are you at Ft. Campbell?