Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Headed down South, to the land of the pine

Ok, well I guess that south is somewhat relative in this instance. When you live in Washington State, pretty much everything is south.

The point that I'm trying to make, however, with my Old Crow-quoting title, is that I am psyched to be headed out to Tennessee in just a few days. The land of BBQ, twangy ballads and bourbon. Hello yes.

I get to gorge on grits & gravy, re-aquaint myself with my dear old friend, Mr. Daniels and I get to hang out with my super-cute nephews. I'd take this vacay over the beach any day.

My brother-in-law with his handsome lads, Eric & Ryan :)


  1. are you driving or flying? if you are driving, and head through ohio somehow - look us up! email me - tkjtbair at gmail dot com. although if it were me - i'd be flying - that would be a loooonnnnnggggg haul:) lol

  2. We're flying because of time contstraints, and because I don't think we'd all make it there alive if we drove that far. I, personally LOVE roadtrips, but the girls are world-class whiners and I think I'd go postal. ;)

  3. Tennessee definitely counts as the south! Have an awesome trip and I look forward to hearing about your food adventures. :)