Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Notes from the Road

I'm still in Tennessee with the fam, and the weather here is sooo nice. Especially compared to what I left back home - rain, wind and brrrr. Besides the lovely weather, hanging with my cutie-boy nephews and exploring a new state, there is another major benefit to travelling to a place where spring has most definitely arrived - fresh strawberries!

Just before leaving my garden I noticed this year's first strawberry bloom. Here in the east, the Farmer's Markets already have big beautiful strawberries for sale, and I've been hoovering them down like a maniac. I've also picked up a few distinctly southern oddities at the Nashville Farmer's Market - pickled sweet jalapenos, sorghum syrup, and a few other southern delights. I think I feel a giveaway coming on... ;)


  1. I've got two strawberries on my plant so far. :o) Sorghum = yum. Have fun in Tennessee! It's definitely spring here in Georgia -- my car is yellow with pollen.

  2. Strawberries... yum! I'm jealous!

  3. pickled sweet jalapenos? Explain! Sounds amazing....