Monday, April 12, 2010

First Fruits / In which I show my age by referencing a Three Dog Night song

April is here and my yard and garden are starting to show it. My cherry tree's blossoms are just starting to pop open, and my rhododendrons are going crazy. I was also able to harvest my first "crop" of the year, rhubarb.

I pulled just 4 stalks today, just shy of a pound's worth, and will pull a few more once or twice a week, washing, chopping and freezing it as I go, stockpiling it for future desserts and wine making. Rhubarb wine was the very first wine that I ever attempted, and it turned out (if I may say so, myself) mighty fine. Just ask Jeremiah, he'll tell you.


  1. You know, last year I thought I had killed our rhubarb plants in the garden....this year? I have seven of them growing strong. guess i should really get out there and pick it,right? lol

  2. Never even thought of rhubarb wine! I bet it has a pretty pink blush to it.