Monday, April 12, 2010

Y'all want some freebies?

While storming Farmers Markets and small town shops in Tennessee & Kentucky, and picking up random assorted southern/appalaichan treats and oddities, I thought of you, my foodie and blog friends. I wanted to bring you back a few odd little num-nums as a treat for those of you who have my same crazy love of down-home foods. That was the plan. Fate and a doofus or two at United airlines unfortunately intervened.

I swear that I had bought more than this for y'all, but in the ensuing "your-suitcase-isn't-lost-lost, we-just-don't-know-EXACTLY-where-it-is-right-now" incident, something somewhere got lost FOR REAL.

At any rate, without sounding too much like I am apologizing for giving you something for free, I ask you to accept this humble, wee assortment of Appalaichian goodies, courtesy of moi.

Here we have some "candied" jalapenos, country ham from the self-proclaimed Hamtown, USA of Cadiz, Kentucky, and lastly, some whole pecans in their shells.

I may get whacky and throw something else in here. Something knitted, perhaps? Anyway, if you're interested in throwing your name in the hat, simply say so in a comment and I'll randomly select a winner in 2 weeks time. (I need time to knit something cute!)

Thanks again for reading my blog. I appreciate you all more than you know. :) Chelle


  1. mmmm, county ham....pick me! Jani that

  2. Well, I must throw my name in the hat if only to have a chance to find out what a candied jalopeno tastes like. Although if hubby likes them, I may have to learn how to make them! Glad you finally got your luggage and sorry you had to go through such a mess! I am going with carry on for my trip to avoid such harassment. (I can get away with that going solo!)

  3. I'd love to be entered into the contest. The pecans, OMG LOVE!!! The ham looks good to. Candied jalapanos, um...well the husband will like those LOL. what a fun give away! Welcome home too :)

  4. I'll throw my hat in! Olive needs that ham.

  5. Maybe knit up a hat that looks like the Confederate flag. I saw one in Red Neck Vogue!