Monday, May 3, 2010

Eggy Update

We're on day 9 of our 21 day egg hatching adventure, and try as I might to get a good picture of the eggs when I candle them, I just can't. However, they look similar to this right now.

There is some variation in the developmental stage of the eggs, as though some are a bit further along than others, which I suppose may be possible since the fellow that we got these from said that he gathered them from hidden nests that were strewn here and there throughout his yard. The good news is that most of the eggs are showing some signs of development and most excitingly, I saw movement in one of the eggs today!

Right up there with puppy breath, peeping fuzzballs are a sure cure for a case of the blah's. I can't wait for these little chickies to get here and turn this dreary spring into a hopeful one.

1 comment:

  1. Ooh how exciting!!! Movement in the egg, WOW!! Its really sad how excited about your eggs I am LOL - as you know I want chickens, badly, but I'm living vicariously thru you all. For now :) Grow babies, grow!