Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sometimes it's the Little Things...

We've been packing up this house, bit by bit, for more than 2 months now. I started with our least essential items - baby books, my wedding dress, Christmas decorations, and slowly progressed toward our more everyday items - towels, clothes, dishes. In this weird period of living without 90% of my stuff, I've had a chance to rethink my take on simplicity and which material goods have truly become essentials, as in, the stuff you should pack 10 minutes before you leave your house for good. Here are my findings-

Stuff I actually needed:

-Cell phone chargers
-An old-school paper phone book
-Deodorant, hairbrush & toothbrushes
-Diana Gabaldon Books
-My Knitting

Stuff I thought I needed:

-DVDs (As if I have the time. These were actually more for the girls, but they prefer to follow me around asking Whatcha doin'? every 10 seconds instead.)
-Curling Iron (I curl my hair a few times a year. Did I think that someone was going to ask me to prom between now and the weekend?)
-Toilet plunger - I'm pretty glad that this turned out to be unneeded.
-Blankets (It's been in the upper 80's and 90's all week, which is like living on the surface of the sun to a born and bred Washingtonian.)
-My P-touch labeler (Who the hell am I, Martha Stewart?)

Ahhh... live and learn.


  1. Having recently made a move with only what fit in my minivan, I concur... we can live with a LOT less than we think! The trick is to keep it at the simpler level and not get sucked back into excess. If you figure that trick out, please share!

  2. on your list... you forgot to bring the kids. hha

  3. You crack me up! When we moved to our house 12 years ago this past July, as I was walking out the door of our old house for the last time, I was rolling up the few dirty dishes we had into the last of the dirty clothes - figured what the heck, they are all dirty, right? Then, with the pickup loaded with the odds and ends that didn't pack easily (broom, dustpan, lamps, etc. we truly looked like the beverly hillbillies driving our trucks down the road. It got even better when we stopped at the gas station for crying out loud and 4 of us gals got out of the FRONT SEAT of my pickup truck to go buy adult beverages for the evening......enjoy the move!

  4. The simple life. :) I am getting ready to do just that for a YEAR. We are packing up our place come the end of the year and placing it ALL in storage. The big O is deploying soon and I am moving in with my sister. Packing All except your list of actually needs to include the laptop/charger and my Juicer.