Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Turning this Day Around

After the horrible start to our morning, I caved in and let the girls stay home from school. Scarlet said that she didn't want to cry in class, and Liv is always up for playing hooky, so we were planning to snuggle up together and ride out this rotten day in our pj's.

But then I had a thought. What if we did something kind for someone who needed it, to lend this grim day a spark of hope? The girls and I discussed what we could do, and we settled on buying some warm clothes to take to our local clothing bank at St. Michaels. We also bought some hi-cal snack foods to bring to our county food bank.

Our thinking was that, if we had anything to say about it, no other being would suffer on account of this cold snap. And so, we memorialize our lost babies with fleece jackets and granola bars, and hopefully bring a little much needed peace to our grieving hearts.


  1. So Sorry your lost your bunnies.
    But what a great way to turn it all around. I hope the girls are feeling much better about their day.

  2. I love it. Somebody out there is thanking you right now for your kindness.

  3. People will be very grateful for the donations. Sorry to hear about the bunnies.