Sunday, February 13, 2011

And Even More Babies!

I was sure that Wide Load errr.... Fritzen was going to pop while I was out of town on my girls weekend, but she wasn't the one to bless us with babies this week, instead we got MORE BUNNIES!

I don't have any pictures of these little fuzzles, because Mama & Papa bunny are not letting us get too close to their bun-buns just yet, but I will try again tomorrow. Either the last litter were born premature, or these guys have somehow been hiding in their orchard grass/bunny hair nest longer than just one day, because from what little I saw of them, they are significantly bigger and are also ever so slightly furry already. Scarlet, who "discovered" the bunnies, has her eye on a white one that she wants to name "Milky-Silky". We'll have to see about that...

I can't believe that they re-bred so quickly! The first litter was born on January 8th, and it's supposed to take 31 days for mama to gestate a litter, meaning that she got back in the family way within about 5 days of delivery. Aye chihuahua!

We're not sure yet if we're keeping any of the babies or selling them all, but one thing is for sure: Prince Charming is about to lose his charms. Sorry pal, we can turn a blind eye to getting down with your sister once twice, but this isn't "that" kind of place. And unless timothy hay and alfalfa pellets start falling from the sky, we aren't going to be able to keep all of these mamas and babies in food.

Sooo.... who needs a bunny? ;)

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